Donald Robertson (@drawbertson)

The Technical Stuff Robertson recoils from realism, which he identifies as “the secret to my success”,  and instead, opts for making his figure drawings surreal. In art school he states that he failed due to “making all the people longer and skinnier than they were”.However this is the standard that the industry is at now, which could … Continue reading Donald Robertson (@drawbertson)


All About: Donald Robertson

So who is he? After being asked to leave art school, due to failing life drawing class and not recognising the technique of real life drawings, he became a regular, suburban, father of five with a mundane 9-5 job. However he had a compulsive drawing habit and his illustrating career launched when an assistant set him … Continue reading All About: Donald Robertson

Maya Beus (

The Technical Stuff Quick Questions with Maya 1. What techniques and mediums do you use in your illustrations? I use watercolor and ink, depending mostly on the amount of detail I want to show and a range of colour I might need. Also I am a big fan of collage and this is something I … Continue reading Maya Beus (


All About: Maya Beus

So who is she? Maya Beus, dubbed by Tashcen's Fashion Illustration Book as one of 90 up and coming in the world, is an illustrator. After completing a masters in graphic design in Zagreb, Croatia she moved to London and started out her blog In 2011. She has worked with some of the fashion industries … Continue reading All About: Maya Beus



The Technical Stuff She was quoted by Vanity Fair in September 2015 as saying “I work on a pretty large scale—I don’t like to be limited.'' Creating her illustrations with watercolours, markers, acrylics, colouring pencils and pens, scanning them onto a computer and adjusting them on Photoshop. Evidence from interviews conducted with Meagan suggests that her favourite … Continue reading Meagan Morrison (TRAVELWRITEDRAW)


All About: Meagan Morrison (Travelwritedraw)

So who is she?   A New York based travelling fashion illustrator who started out back in 2010 . She travels across the globe documenting her time through a 'fashion-art lens'.                     Educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York , she received her … Continue reading All About: Meagan Morrison (Travelwritedraw)