Technical Challenges, Unmet Expectations and Further Development

Using inspiration from my illustrators, i was able to digitally create backgrounds using Photoshop. I did not feel confident while using watercolours on paper, like the illustrators that i researched have done so in their own work, but felt a lot more confident while using Photoshop to interpret their style. The whole process has allowed me to enhance my own illustration style and digital design skills and has shown me that I’ve developed my own style digitally and have a preference of working with Photoshop when creating illustrations, rather than on paper.

I felt extremely confident while using Photoshop, however creating the facial features and hair was extremely time consuming and overall took around 6 or 7 hours to complete. I did find the process of creating those images insightful and rewarding, as i had not tried this skill on Photoshop before and was very happy with the final images i had created.

I have realised that i like my drawings to be structured and that is why i struggled to grasp a lot of inspiration from my chosen illustrator Donald Robertson. I did not like the idea of coll-ageing and abstract images to create fashion illustrations.

Another technical challenge i faced was the blog itself, as i do not currently really engage with bloggers and don’t have a real interest for blogging. The process of blogging was an expectation that i found quite difficult to come to terms with, posting work and trying to get others to engage with my personal development on the platform was quite hard. I did overcome this challenge, when i actually sat down and had a look through the site on my own so that i could get to grips with the layout and functions of different tabs etc.

In light of this i feel that digitally creating garments is an area that i need to work on for further development, as my skills and knowledge on the Adobe packages have largely increased throughout my years of studying design, but not enough to confidently digitally create a high standard realistic version, which is what i would aim for.


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