Design Challenges

I found it quite difficult while illustrating to interpret all three illustrators into the same illustration as Donald Robertson’s illustration style is very different to Maya Beus and Meagan Morrison. Robertson’s style has no boundaries and i actually did find it quite difficult to illustrate using his technique as i personally like illustrations with more structure and a lot more detail like Morrison’s and Beus’s.

I tried to use watercolour on paper as much as i could, to interpret Maya and Meagan’s illustration style, however i could not achieve the same level of quality from my own illustrations. the image below for example turned out a lot messier than i had hoped and anticipated even though i had used a smaller tipped brush to try adding more detail.


I did take away from this process however, that there were some design aspects from Robertson that i can use in my final illustration to create a unique design irregardless of the fact that i did not enjoy using his illustration style. I enjoyed taking inspiration from Maya and Meagan however and creating unique designs while developing my own personal style.


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