Illustrator Style Development: Personal Development

I interpreted my illustrators styles in my own way, without trying to completely copy them. However at the beginning of the process i did try to illustrate similar to the below image Meagan had already created.




However after scanning the image into Photoshop i played around with the image, and developed my own style by creating hair and adding a background to the image using different Photoshop Brushes.

I took inspiration from this further and used Photoshop to recreate the amount of detail that Meagan Morrison puts into the facial features of her fashion illustration, by concentrating on the different tonal aspects of the face, which can be seen in the below images. I wanted to interpret the illustrators style but using my own format and so, i decided to computerise my illustration to create a detailed image of facial features. I pinpointed colours from a high fashion image, pictured below, after taking inspiration from the different shades of pink, brown and fleshy tones that were in the above image.


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Finished Image


I further developed this image and decided to add some hair, building different layers while also adding in another background. I liked that my other Illustrator Maya Beus uses watercolour in a lot of her work so i tried using a watercolour brush tool on Photoshop to achieve this background.


I was extremely happy with the outcome as the image is very realistic, however i do not know how to transfer this same quality to the garments. I found it difficult to interpret Meagan’s level of detail into garments into my own freehand as i felt that i did not have the skills to allow me to do this.

I also interpreted Maya Beus’s ink illustration style into my personal development by recreating her images using an inky pen and paper.

I recreated the image below with an inky pen then added some watercolour along with tools on Photoshop to create a grey scale image and also to add more depth to the initial image.image-7


I interpreted more of Maya’s work into my own style by creating this illustration. I used watercolours and pen again and then created the watercolour backdrop by using different watercolour tools on Photoshop.


I researched some of Donald Robertson’s most famous illustration and tried to recreate his style into a piece on Photoshop and ended up with the piece below.


I didn’t really like creating this piece as i felt there was too much structure to it, especially on Photoshop, as his style is more creative and artistically messy.

I did also look into how he used everyday tools to create his artwork so i tried this by using eye shadows instead on a pen drawing of facial features to recreate skin-tones and warm colours.

For my final illustration i will try to interpret all three designers illustration styles as i feel that if i do not step outside my own comfort zone i will not be able to create my own style of illustration.


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