Maya Beus (

The Technical Stuff

Quick Questions with Maya

1. What techniques and mediums do you use in your illustrations?
I use watercolor and ink, depending mostly on the amount of detail I want to show and a range of colour I might need. Also I am a big fan of collage and this is something I plan to go back to ( I stopped couple of years back when I was cleaning my style)

2.Which is your favourite to use? 
All of them. I promise I can’t pick one. Maybe I would say black ink as it’s so intense and basically impossible to control yet can be transparent and ethereal.

3.What are your main influences when you create your fashion illustrations? 
 This depends. I try to move away from influences as I am never sure how much am I removed and I hate copying styles. But on the other hand sometimes something gets in my head I just have to express it. I just try to do this in my personal work until it the influence crystallises in my style.

4. Do you live draw or do you take inspo from drawings? 
I take inspo from photographs. Biggest issue is time. It’s very hard to do live models when you have a tight deadline.
But it is definitely the best way to create original work.


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