Donald Robertson (@drawbertson)

The Technical Stuff

Robertson recoils from realism, which he identifies as “the secret to my success”,  and instead, opts for making his figure drawings surreal. In art school he states that he failed due to “making all the people longer and skinnier than they were”.However this is the standard that the industry is at now, which could be an underlying factor of why is art work is so successful, the ideal of surrealism.

Robertson uses Instagram like a medium itself by collecting and cataloguing images that he finds and then posting them. The illustrator is often compared to Andy Warhol, due to his homemade, messy and college like technique.

I spend no more than two days on any one piece. It’s quick and fast.”

He uses various medium on his prints including;  Acrylic Gaffer Tape and Mixed Media on Paper, Arcylic on Paper and has even stated that he used walnuts and everyday items. In figurative paintings he uses gaffer tape vertically while in graphics he uses it horizontally.

“There are so many things I want to do. Picasso said he spent his whole life trying to paint like a child. To have these big-kid ideas and not think too much—that’s the best.”


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