All About: Donald Robertson

So who is he?

After being asked to leave art school, due to failing life drawing class and not recognising the technique of real life drawings, he became a regular, suburban, father of five with a mundane 9-5 job. However he had a compulsive drawing habit and his illustrating career launched when an assistant set him up with his own Instagram account back in 2012.

Robertston’s creations stem from his understanding of colour and fashion. He states that the youngest of his five children, and his observation of their negotiations of their surrounding world, is a factor for the inspiration in his artwork.

Robertson’s career path has led him to most recently, Creative Director at Estee Lauder. Previously he redesigned Conde Nast and Hearst magazine as Creative Director and launched American Marie Claire. He also helped to launch Mac Cosmetics back in the 80’s. He has collaborated with fashion companies such a J.Crew and Bergdorf Goodman and cosmetics company Smashbox.

Robertson’s is an avid instagrammer, showcasing huge amounts of his work on the social media platform, inviting users into his personal world. He has gained international attention for his social media exploits and was nominated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as ‘Instagrammer of the year.’

Robertson is not only a renowned sought after fashion illustrator, but has also published his own fashion illustrated book.




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