All About: Maya Beus

So who is she?

Maya Beus, dubbed by Tashcen’s Fashion Illustration Book as one of 90 up and coming in the world, is an illustrator. After completing a masters in graphic design in Zagreb, Croatia she moved to London and started out her blog In 2011.

She has worked with some of the fashion industries most influential companies and designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney, St. Regis Hotels, Harper’s Bazaar Turkey, Vouge etc.

“Illustration grants us the illusion of another unknown world, a world that is upfront and honest in it’s lack of realness or even existence.”

Maya on ‘Maya Beus for St.Regis’  declares that her inspiration for her fashion illustrations is the basic nature of fashion and the constant change and interdependence with human form and the expression of the artists true self reflected upon their work is what drew her interest from an early age into the world of fashion.

 Fashion, to her, is always readily available in the world, with new and exciting designs which stir emotions and make everyday special.


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